Thuggalo Verse - $100

$100.00 - $150.00

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What it do Thuggalos!!
Are you an up and coming artist?
Perhaps you just started and want to make a big splash and a bold statement in the Underground music scene.

Do you have a fresh new track that can use a killer custom verse from a Wicked Underground artist who speaks thug and knows how to rock out with his mic out? And when I say mic I mean microphone.

Then you've come to the right place at the right time!
Back in October of 2019 DieNasty The Mexican Thuggalo was convicted on 2 counts of murder in the first degree. He was sentenced for 1 count of killing the rap game with an original style of hustle and flow and the 2nd one was for blowing your mind with his UGH Contests and Contracted Hit Singles that stem back as far as 2018.

Sources report these UGH Contracted Hits have continued to circulate on social media sites causing every hater who hears any of the UGH Contracted Hits to go completely insane. Known to cause rage and mental anguish in those who underestimated this Thuggalo's hustle & drive. It's recommended that only real True Thuggalos listen to the sounds from this wicked underground thriller.

The latest recorded Thuggalo/UGH assaults featured the likes of M.M.M.F.D. (Scum & Insane Poetry), ESHAM x Daniel Jordan x Ghost of PL, HGM Mali and Shaggy 2 Dope (ICP).

Your Arizona Homeboy is currently on studio arrest writing, recording, and is sending out custom Thuggalo Verses for a low low price of $100.00 a verse and a Thuggalo Hook and Verse Combo for $150.00 as a form of his community service.

Providing a same-day response in most cases and a Thuggalo Verse delivery average of 2-3days makes this purchase a prime choice for any artist that needs a quick return on their investment or needs to beat a project's deadline.

Rush Order Available!!

Get your custom Thuggalo Verse today and join DieNasty The Mexican Thuggalo on his musical venture to dominate the world, one barrio at a time!

Yo Thuggalos, this custom Verse price will only continue to rise to match the value of DieNasty The Mexican Thuggalo's net worth. So basically, get it well the getting is good.

Get your hustle on Thuggalos and Respect The Wicked!

Artists who have already got their verse(s) from DieNasty the Mexican Thuggalo: