Thuggalo Chorus - $75

$75.00 - $150.00

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Wait!! Let me guess, You've heard DieNasty's The Mexican Thuggalo murders every track he touches and decided you wanted to collaborate with your Arizona homeboy on your own high-speed murder spree. Right?

No, wait! One more chance! Maybe you're an interdimensional traveler from another universe where a custom chorus from DieNasty The Mexican Thuggalo cost as much as a new used car. So like a Rick & Morty episode, you warp to Earth C-789 to capitalize on DieNasty's Studio Arrest situation and get a custom Thuggalo Chorus for only $75.

And now you're thinking like Rick and saying to yourself. Comparatively speaking Morty $75 is chump change and with pricing, this low a person could purchase a Thuggalo Chorus & Verse Combo for Only $150 and be the talk of the town when that new project drops dawg, Then you'll hear Morty say, not to mention saving a few hundred Schmeckles! Right?

Ok, maybe not!!

But in either case, a custom Thuggalo Chorus for $75 is a great deal!!

Providing a same-day response in most cases and a Thuggalo Chorus delivery average of 2-3days makes this purchase a prime choice for any artist that needs a quick return on their investment or needs to beat a project's deadline.

Rush Order Available!!

Get your custom Thuggalo Chorus today and join DieNasty The Mexican Thuggalo on his musical venture to dominate the world, one barrio at a time!

Yo Thuggalos, this custom Chorus price will only continue to rise to match the value of DieNasty The Mexican Thuggalo's net worth. So basically, get it well the getting is good.

Get your hustle on Thuggalos and Respect The Wicked!